Fastener Management System

Engineered Components is an industry leader in customizable fastener management systems that compliment lean manufacturing by eliminating inventory cost and maximizing cash flow. From vendor managed inventory to consignment, our fastener management services exist to help you preserve your uptime and, more importantly, your profitability.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Full Service inventory management using ECC personnel within our customer’s  manufacturing facility.


ECC’s inventory is kept in our customer’s plant until released into production and invoiced at time of use. Our most innovative consignment program uses RFID technology.

Engineered Components RFID Consigment of Fastener Management

Engineered Components Fastener Management

Fastener Management System Objectives

  • Reduce the hard cost of fasteners
    • Dealing direct with ECC on proprietary items
    • Taking advantage of ECC/Anchor Bolt’s buying power
    • Ability to lock in pricing
      • Negotiable under unforeseen circumstances
  • Improve and maintain the supply of fasteners to your manufacturing facilities
  • Reduce your fastener inventory exposure
  • Eliminate your incoming inspection of fasteners
    • Dock to Stock
  • Consolidate your fastener related transactions
  • Reduce fastener SKUs through standardization and consolidation
  • Lay the foundation for continuous productivity improvements in your fastener supply system
  • Reduce overall cost of your fastener supply system

Engineered Components Company can implement a flexible, world-class fastener management which can achieve these objectives for our customers. Whether you need vendor managed inventory, consignment, or any number of other services, you can rest assured that our team is capable of rising to – and overcoming – the challenges unique to your operation.