The catalog of the industry’s best fastener supplier

Engineered Components Company maintains the largest catalog of fastener products available, including stainless steel fasteners, high anti-corrosive platings and coatings, encapsulated bolts, T-nuts, nylon fasteners and more. Dedicated to upholding the strictest quality standards and offering the best in-plant material management and vendor managed inventory services, our catalog features an unmatched selection of parts, products and components that are capable of meeting the needs of a wide range of applications.

Fastener Reference Guide

This guide is a reference tool to assist in the selection and purchase of commercial fasteners by showing the standards for each fastener category.

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Standard Fastener Catalog

The word standard does not mean lower cost. There are hundreds of thousands of “Standard” fasteners; too many to count. These can all be referenced through the IFI (Industrial Fastener Institute) standards book. These items, even though standard, are NOT always readily available.
ECC offers you a continuously updated catalog of all the standard fasteners, in stock for immediate shipment.
Availability is the key to keeping your costs down. 

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