Quality Construction Fasteners to Meet Your Needs and Expectations

Quality Construction Fasteners to Meet Your Needs and Expectations

Engineered Components Company has been providing the highest quality of construction fasteners to companies throughout the country for more than 40 years. We have an extensive inventory of screws, bolts, and a variety of different fasteners, many of which you will not be able to get through other companies. Our team even has the expertise and technological capabilities to create a fastener customized to your precise specifications. Whether you need quality fasteners for your business, or you need inventory control assistance with our vendor managed inventory services, you can count on our friendly professionals to work closely with you to keep your business running smoothly and profitably. Read further for more information about the products and services available from Engineered Components Company.

Need Custom Sized Fasteners? We can Provide Effective Solutions

We know that some projects may have unique challenges that require specialized solutions. This means that you may have need for a custom fastener in order to properly complete the project. In the event that Engineered Components Company doesn’t have a fastener in their inventory that can sufficiently meet your requirements, our development team can design a custom fastener to your precise specifications. Our team will create your custom fastener with a close attention to detail and a focus on quality to ensure these fasteners will meet your expectations. Our passion for innovation has led to us holding patents on eight different custom fasteners: Low Profile Encapsulated T-Nuts and Mating Screws; Encapsulated Rib Neck T-Nuts and Mating Screws; Encapsulated Barbed T-Nuts and Mating Screws; Specialty Floor Screws; and Replacement Floor Screws.

Our commitment to quality is proven by our ISO 9010:2015 certification, so you can have full confidence that every part you receive from Engineered Components Company will be of the highest quality, even meeting IFI and ASTM standards. We have provided fasteners for companies producing a wide range of products, including truck trailers, windows and doors, transformers, HVAC applications, boating, gun safes, and bridges, just to name a few.

Increase Efficiency with Vendor Managed Inventory

Anyone who has ever been tasked with taking inventory knows what a boring and time-consuming process it can be. This is especially true when dealing with smaller parts like nuts, bolts, screws, and such. Engineered Components Company can provide your company with Vendor Managed Inventory services to free up your time and improve your company’s efficiency. Our staff will take an accurate count of all your fasteners, ensuring that you have sufficient supply to complete your current orders while also minimizing overstock that costs your company money. No matter what your fastener needs may be, you can count on the professionals at Engineered Components Company to provide what you need. Contact us and let us know how we can assist you today.

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