Choose a Fastener Inventory Management System you can Trust


The Engineered Components company is a leader of industry with our customizable fastener inventory management systems that are designed to eliminate inventory cost and maximize cash flow. From a vendor managed inventory to consignment, our management services are there to help you efficiently and cost-effectively control your fasteners systems. From custom fasteners to nuts and bolts and encapsulated t-nuts – we offer our customers more with our full-service management system and fastener distribution. In addition, we are an authorized distributor for a variety of large companies which allows us access to a massive catalog of proprietary components and difficult to source fastener products.

Fastener Inventory Management System

 At Engineered Components Company we provide our customers with the option of a vendor managed inventory. This full-service inventory management using our staff within our customer’s manufacturing facility. With our consignment program, our inventory is kept at the customer’s plant until the items are released into production and invoiced at the time of usage. With our vendor managed inventory and consignment, our fastener management services are there to assist you in preserving your uptime and profitability.

Some benefits of our fastener management system are that it reduces the hard cost of fasteners, it gives you an ability to lock in pricing, and is negotiable under unforeseen circumstances. Our objective is to improve and maintain the supply of fasteners to our customer’s facility and reduce your inventory exposure potential, as well as the overall cost of your fastener supply system. With the Engineered Components Company management system, you work direction with us on items and can take advantage of our buying power.

Not only do you work directly with us when utilizing our fastener inventory management system, but it lays the foundation for productivity improvements in your fastener supply system. At Engineered Components Company, we can implement a flexible fastener management that can help your business achieve max profitability. Whether you need a vendor management system, consignment, or any of our additional services – you be confident that our crew is capable over rising to the unique challenges of your business and operation.

If you would like to contact us for a quote or more information, please use the contact options available on our website or by clicking here! We are also available at 847-841-7000 for any questions you may have on our products and services. Choose the Engineered Components Company as your fastener distributor and inventory management service  today! 

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