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Fastener Supplier

As the industry's premier fastener supplier, Engineered Components Company is steadfastly committed to innovating. For over thirty years, we have worked to expand our offerings, increase our market share, and utilize our position to improve the equipment and technology that we use. With a line of products that is constantly growing and new acquisitions adding to our network every year, we are able to deliver high-quality fasteners to customers across the globe.

One area that we are absolutely, firmly, and tirelessly committed to pursuing is innovation. Holding a wide range of patents, we are the industry’s only source for top-quality encapsulated nuts and encapsulated bolts. In addition to this, we hold a diverse assortment of other patents, including:

  • Replacement floor screws
  • Specialty floor screws
  • Encapsulated rib neck T-nuts and mating screws
  • Low profile encapsulated T-nuts and mating screws
  • Encapsulated barbed T-nuts and mating screws

No matter what you need, we’re confident that you can find it in our catalog. As the industry’s leading fastener supplier, we assure you: if you don’t find it, we’ll find it for you! We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service available, ensuring that our clients talk to actual people who are trained to help them overcome the challenges that they are facing.

If you’ve been searching for a new fastener manufacturer that has shown that they are dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients, we’re glad that you found us! With over thirty years of experience in working with clients to source, manufacture, and ship the solutions that they need, we’re confident that we can help you find the fasteners that you need for your application.

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