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The team at Engineered Components Company is dedicated to investigating – and utilizing – the industry’s latest technologies, practices and methods. Whether we’ve discovered new applications for our encapsulated nuts and encapsulated bolts or we’re testing new equipment in fastener manufacturing, we are constantly looking to improve our processes and, by extension, our products. To learn more about our current pursuits, select a news item from the articles below.

Fastener Distributor

Choose a Fastener Distributor with Experience in Your Industry


If you've been searching for a new fastener distributor, one of your qualifications is likely, "Does this distributor have experience in my industry?" If you've found yourself asking this question, we assure you: you've landed in the right place! With practical, hands-on experience in a wide range of industries, Engineered Components Company is well-positioned to provide you with the fasteners that your operation needs. From truck and trailer production and aftermarket fasteners to HVAC and automotive production fasteners, we've supplied essential components to an unparalleled number of manufacturers, markets, and industries.

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Fastener Distributor

Work with the Industry’s Most Reliable Fastener Distributor


When you're looking for a new fastener distributor, there are a lot of variables to consider. Can they source the fasteners that your operation relies upon? Are they dependable? Do they offer competitive pricing? Is their customer service capable of handling your questions and concerns? The team at Engineered Components Company strives, at all levels, to make the answers to these questions clear. With the largest catalog of fastener products available, a track record of reliability, cost-efficient pricing, and an attentive, responsive customer service department, we're confident: you won't find a better fastener distributor in the industry.

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Fastener Supplier

Engineered Components Company is a Fastener Supplier Committed to Innovation


At Engineered Components Company, we have built our reputation as a fastener supplier on our continued commitment to innovation. Since 1983, we have continually grown, increasing our market share and leveraging our position to improve the technologies that we use. Through a series of acquisitions, we have been able to expand our product lines, improve our offerings, and better serve every one of our customers. With a nearly limitless catalog, our customers have come to depend upon us for all of their fastener needs, from T-nuts and machine screws to self-clinching fasteners and rivets.

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Fastener Distributor

The Advantages of Sourcing Components from the Industry’s Most Trusted Fastener Distributor


If you've worked with other fastener distributors in the past, you're undoubtedly aware of how difficult it can be to get helpful, attentive customer service. The team at Engineered Components Company believes that – in addition to offering the industry's highest quality fastener products – we need to afford our customers the absolute best service available. We know that our customers depend upon us to keep their lines moving, to maintain their uptime, and – most importantly – to keep their operations profitable.

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Fastener Distributor

Explore the Capabilities of the Industry’s Most Versatile Fastener Distributor


Engineered Components Company doesn't just stock the largest catalog of fastener products, we are the most capable fastener distributor in the industry. We believe that it is essential to deliver the products – and services – that our customers need to keep their lines productive, cost-efficient, and profitable. Because of this belief, we strive to offer a range of essential services, from the sourcing of fastener products to long-lasting color matching. In today's post, we're going to look at a few of our capabilities and, more importantly, discuss how they can help you keep your line moving.

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Fastener Products

Browse the Largest Catalog of Fastener Products, T-Nuts, and Encapsulated Bolts


At Engineered Components, we pride ourselves on offering the industry's largest catalog of fastener products. Whether you're looking for trailer hardware, tire air valves, stainless steel forgings, T-nuts, rear door hardware, or any of thousands of other products, we're confident that we have the products that you need. More importantly, we are steadfastly committed to upholding the highest standards of quality available. Striving to provide our clients with access to a large stock of high-quality parts, we supplement our products with comprehensive in-plant material management and vendor managed inventory services.

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Keyence 500

Engineered Components Company Adds New Series IM-6700


Engineered Components Company has added a new, "state of the art" inspection system to our Quality Assurance Lab. ECC, already an industry leader in quality assurance procedures, has acquired the Series IM-6700 Keyence Image Dimension Measurement System. This new, cutting edge method provides the ability to measure the previously unmeasurable: inner diameters, circular pitches, and angles to complex shapes. This is an industry first, allowing us to measure all the dimensions in a measuring area at once while also providing instantaneous data at 99 points to capture the complete image of the target component.

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